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What does the Wild speak?

Wildful is about opening up your senses to the magic of the world. 


It follows Poppy, headphones on and glued to her phone, when a chance encounter with her dog and a fox drags her into some forgotten woods behind her home. There, she meets a strange boy up a tree with very different point of view.


Together, as they venture deeper into the forest, she becomes aware of the bird calls, the animal tracks and the intricate beauty of the world around them, but at home, Poppy’s mother is stuck in front of the TV, numb with grief from the passing of her Gran. With Poppy’s deepening experiences, she feels something awakening inside and yearns to share it with her mum…


Wildful is a journey into the senses. I wanted to pair back the words, letting the pictures (and the creatures of the forest) speak for themselves. I hope you feel what Poppy does, as I did in the making of this book.



I was particularly moved by its sentient celebration of the living world. Truly a special book!



Kyo Maclear



Modeling pure innocence, Wildful is an outstanding graphic novel in which people discover the healing power of nature.

Peter Dabbene

Foreward Reviews


Kengo Kurimoto's stunning debut graphic novel, Wildful, celebrates the wonders of nature in near-wordless visual perfection.  

From Wildful, a graphic novel by Kengo Kurimoto
From Wildful, a graphic novel by Kengo Kurimoto

Terry Hong


If you would like to know about the process of making the book, look here...



Wildful is published by Groundwood. To whom I am eternally grateful for all their support, feedback and hard work.


Wildful is available now. Click the logo to buy.


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